photo: Brent McCombs



Designer: Kim Munson studied fashion design at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Toronto, mind Ontario, try Canada.  Shortly after, nurse she moved to Halifax, NS where the formation of Orphanage resulted.

The current collection, entitled “Vanishing”, is a departure from the deconstructed nature of her previous line, featuring vanishing garment details and blurred gender lines.

Last year, the line rebranded, and moved away from the deconstructed nature of the previous releases and this collection marks her return to the fashion scene.

“This rebrand has enabled me to rethink why I make clothing, and what my design aesthetic could be if it had no limitations. It has enabled me to be completely free and open to my voice and I’m excited to produce a line that is free to speak without limitation. The new line is a classier, more streamlined version of its previous entity, with a focus on technically complex drafting techniques.”

With this showcase I want to deconstruct the classic conceptions of beauty.  I want the people I cut for to feel powerful when they wear my clothing without the constraints of traditional gender based design aesthetics.  This collection marks a push towards a more fluid resolution of gender categories enabling ambiguity, mystery and undefinededness to reign.  Androgyny is ultimate power:  all that we ever need is contained within ourselves.

Orphanage clothing   is a movement away from fashion as a disposable commodity.